Sunday, July 19, 2009

Swim Week Mess

Thursday 16th of July: After a half day at work, Sam picked me up and we went to the W Hotel for a fashion show. We arrived early and ate at the restaurant and went to go to the pool for the show. The security let us in, then asked 'You're helping in the show, right?' we weren't and they told us that they wouldn't let people in until 9:00. (They obviously thought we were the models, not staff... ha). We waited in the lobby and tried again at 9 only to find out that they were letting people in from the side entrance OUTSIDE of the hotel! We went out and there was a humongous line to get in. After getting in nobody gave us a wristband even though we asked if we needed one. I had to use the bathroom so I asked one of the bouncers where it was- in the hotel. After coming back I was stopped by a security guard and asked if I had a wristband. I said I was already let in and had to use the restroom. He was like "Riggggght, I'll let you pass," as if he was doing me a favor. It was so annoying. Then another guard stopped me and asked us for the wristbands AGAIN. So we had to bring the bouncer over to prove that we had been in before. It was completely disorganized! The show started at about 11:00 and lasted for 15, 20 min? It was completely uninspiring with mediocre models.

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