Monday, July 27, 2009

Half Full Economy & 100th

Saturday 18th of July: I worked at the Webster for a few hours. I was busy which made it so much better! There was an Eres Trunk Show going on on the top floor which was being filmed so we had to be quiet. I tagged newly released Jo de Mer swimsuits for their event that night. I ventured to the second floor to organize and fell in love with two purses (a Givenchy and Lanvin). Next Tuesday I can get a 70% discount on S/S 09 collection so I might just invite my mom to come and buy me an early birthday present :). We sold 2 Balenciaga classic purses and 2 wallets at 60% off. If only I had known earlier, I might have convinced my mom to make this investment and buy me one. I was later told that they should have only gone for 40% off, but since the sale given is by the discretion of the sales associate those ladies were damn lucky and they knew it so they bought double haha. I have never seen such gorgeous purses go for such a huge discount. Maybe that's the only good thing about this economy.

Anyways, that night I went back to the beach for Jantzen's 100th Anniversary hosted in conjunction with Elle at the Wolfsonian. I was welcomed to a small red carpet with many photographers. The downstairs hosted large photos, drinks and food, models wearing the Heritage Collection (inspired by their past), and was quite full. I quickly found myself going straight up to the exhibit on the top floor. The vintage suits were to die for as well as the old advertising campaigns- basically the entire set up was geniously put together. After quickly talking to my boss and another designer (who complained that one of the Real Housewives asked them a question on the spot while being filmed) I left after only staying for 15 mins. It was such a long day, I didn't even go back when I realized I forgot to take a goody bag :).

The exhibit will be open through August, at 10th and Washington. Go see it!

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