Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Had to Pass on Blue Steel

Wednesday 15th of July: For the Perry Ellis 2010 collection, I met at The Palms Hotel (Miami Beach) to set up for their Swim Show/Presentation to their marketers(? I think...). So I had to steam bathing suits- kind of pointless, put together mannequins, and set up the racks etc. It was for about 12 lines? Jantzen, Jag, Curveallure, Jantzen Classics, Heritage Collection, Speedo, and a lot of others I can't think of. Then they had these two male models come in for a run through but they were missing the two girl models so they asked me to stand in place for one of them. Haha, my 5 seconds of fame.... So I "modeled" with one of the guys. I was tempted to give my Blue Steel look, but none of my friends were there to laugh at me so I passed.

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