Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jantzen at its Height

(Disclaimer: This photo doesn't belong to me. No copyright infringement intended.)
Friday 17th of July: I woke up too early to get to the Palms Hotel once again. It was the show day! We dressed models with next year's collection the entire day and accessorized (as much as we could- they had to be changed quite quickly). The best presentation was Jantzen for their 100th anniversary. The models carried sparklers, the presenters were fantastic, and there were goody bags (my favorite). They had pins which sang an old song "Wear a smile and a Jantzen", gorgeously designed mugs, bags, brochures (which is where my descriptions of the suits were published), and a few other goodies. They had a video from when the brand first began. It was completely glamourous; they had Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Greta Garbo, Princess Diana, and a dozen other celebrities sporting/advertising for their premiere swim brand. After a long day, we switched location to the Miami Beach Convention Center and began setting up for the Swim Event. Restoration in progress!

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