Sunday, March 7, 2010

Anna Dello Russo: A Favorite for Street Style Photographers

Yes, everyone loves Anna Dello Russo (Fashion Director at Large of Vogue Nippon). At Paris fashion week she is photographed multiple times a day because of all of her amazing outfit changes. This time she's wearing a belt by Italian designer Francesco Scognamiglio. Garance Dore has a very charming video of her telling a friend how she couldn't spell his name when asked by a photographer (watch it!).

(Photo taken from All the Pretty Birds )

I'm leaving to Paris at the end of March. I can't believe I'm just missing fashion week. It would've been crazy. Anyways do you have any suggestions of boutiques to visit? I'm staying in the 16th Arrondissement on the Right Bank. I'll let you know what I find...

No more Balenciaga in French Vogue?

Apparently Balenciaga has black-listed French Vogue which means no advertisements, no invitations to their shows, and no clothes lent for their editorials (Heard from who quoted Carine Roitfeld)

Isn't that kind of a good thing, with all of those Balenciaga bags floating around? I think I've seen too many of them. You know it's gone too far when a patchwork bag is designed made from older collections of the same bag.

Seriously? This is the best they can come up with? Terrible. I almost can't put this picture up.

(Photo taken from PrettyShopaholicOnline)

Alice in Wonderland: The Dresses are Worth Talking About

This weekend I watched Alice in Wonderland. The movie was disappointing, except for the clothes. The dresses! I loved Colleen Atwood's designs and how they didn't look too costume-y and typical. Yet doesn't this dress remind you of Scout Willis dressed by Christian Lacroix at the 2008 Crillon Ball mixed with the top ruffles that Stella McCartney uses in her ad campaign for Spring 2010?

(Yesss, you see it? Tell me you see it! The two layers on top like McCartney and the fabric layered by ribbons from Lacroix. Ahh yes of course...)
Oh how I miss Lacroix.
And Ann Hathaway had a gorgeous costume as well:
(Photos from and

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mood Board

When I was in LA I made my first mood board/ collage. This was inspired by romantic pieces- I especially love the girl with the crushed flowers in the bottom right corner. I am obsessed with beautiful photos. Hope you like these...

Monday, August 17, 2009

I Want These:

Tory Burch Boots, $495
I've always loved riding boots- these have that look while completely timeless
(Photo Cred: Neiman Marcus)

Lanvin Purse, $1650
I saw it in person and fell in love. The two different gold tones allows it to work perfectly with any shade. The downside- it is most definitely a night bag!
(Photo Cred: Barneys NY)

Givenchy Nightingale, $2175
This pebbled leather version is my favorite! The handle has gold and silver making this bag completely versatile.
(Photo Cred: Barneys NY)

Bottega Veneta Intrec Tote, $3680
Too bad this is so pricey! If not, it would be my perfect everyday bag! I love the versatility.
(Photo Cred: Barneys NY)

I currently own a Prada Cervo Tote in Beige which is fantastic, so I'm searching for a darker colored bag. So far, these two above are my favorites :)

How to Get What You Want, Without Connections

August 17th, 2010: As you all know, it is nearly impossible to get into runway shows, view photoshoots, or score an internship. This charity, The Ellen Hermanson Foundation, is phenomenal. Go to and view "all lots". Most are currently reasonably priced, especially since they normally cannot be bought.

What I've been eyeing:
Steven Klein photography (especially of Kate Moss and Case Study #13)
Jason Wu Fall 2010 tickets Internship (if only I was in college...)
Personal photoshoot with Francois Nars and Patti Wilson

Shoot for Vogue Japan, model Daul Kim (Photo Cred: Francois Nars)
Model Julia Dunstall (Photo Cred: Francois Nars)
W Cover Shoot Pass (How can you not resist, when past covers were of Kate Moss and Lara Stone)
Kate Moss featuring Miuccia Prada clothes, Sept. '10 Issue (Photo Cred: W Magazine)
Lara Stone- Dutch model wearing Chanel, Aug. '10 Issue (Photo Cred: W Magazine)

Tickets to the Stella McCartney show in Paris (Seeing Kanye, Editors of nearly every magazine, the best models...WOW)

Backstage, model Karmen Pedaru in a killer dress (Photo Cred:

Model Catherine McNeil (Photo Cred:

Monday, July 27, 2009

All the Swimsuits You Can Imagine...

Photo Cred: Ananya Reminds me of Chloe in the good old days...Photo Cred: Ananya Photo Cred: Ananya

Monday, July 20th: Swim Show! The biggest swim convention. I got to preview the 2010 collection from everyone. It's about right now when I wish I had my own boutique and could buy from all of the brands. New Favorites: Taj by Sabrina (located at 760 Ocean Drive), Ananya London (gorgeous tunics!- too bad her standing boutique is in London), and Lotus London. Always favorites: Delfina (sold at Calypso), Rosa Cha, Shoshanna, Onda de Mar, Cia Maritima, DVF, and Salinas.