Monday, July 27, 2009

All the Swimsuits You Can Imagine...

Photo Cred: Ananya Reminds me of Chloe in the good old days...Photo Cred: Ananya Photo Cred: Ananya

Monday, July 20th: Swim Show! The biggest swim convention. I got to preview the 2010 collection from everyone. It's about right now when I wish I had my own boutique and could buy from all of the brands. New Favorites: Taj by Sabrina (located at 760 Ocean Drive), Ananya London (gorgeous tunics!- too bad her standing boutique is in London), and Lotus London. Always favorites: Delfina (sold at Calypso), Rosa Cha, Shoshanna, Onda de Mar, Cia Maritima, DVF, and Salinas.

Half Full Economy & 100th

Saturday 18th of July: I worked at the Webster for a few hours. I was busy which made it so much better! There was an Eres Trunk Show going on on the top floor which was being filmed so we had to be quiet. I tagged newly released Jo de Mer swimsuits for their event that night. I ventured to the second floor to organize and fell in love with two purses (a Givenchy and Lanvin). Next Tuesday I can get a 70% discount on S/S 09 collection so I might just invite my mom to come and buy me an early birthday present :). We sold 2 Balenciaga classic purses and 2 wallets at 60% off. If only I had known earlier, I might have convinced my mom to make this investment and buy me one. I was later told that they should have only gone for 40% off, but since the sale given is by the discretion of the sales associate those ladies were damn lucky and they knew it so they bought double haha. I have never seen such gorgeous purses go for such a huge discount. Maybe that's the only good thing about this economy.

Anyways, that night I went back to the beach for Jantzen's 100th Anniversary hosted in conjunction with Elle at the Wolfsonian. I was welcomed to a small red carpet with many photographers. The downstairs hosted large photos, drinks and food, models wearing the Heritage Collection (inspired by their past), and was quite full. I quickly found myself going straight up to the exhibit on the top floor. The vintage suits were to die for as well as the old advertising campaigns- basically the entire set up was geniously put together. After quickly talking to my boss and another designer (who complained that one of the Real Housewives asked them a question on the spot while being filmed) I left after only staying for 15 mins. It was such a long day, I didn't even go back when I realized I forgot to take a goody bag :).

The exhibit will be open through August, at 10th and Washington. Go see it!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jantzen at its Height

(Disclaimer: This photo doesn't belong to me. No copyright infringement intended.)
Friday 17th of July: I woke up too early to get to the Palms Hotel once again. It was the show day! We dressed models with next year's collection the entire day and accessorized (as much as we could- they had to be changed quite quickly). The best presentation was Jantzen for their 100th anniversary. The models carried sparklers, the presenters were fantastic, and there were goody bags (my favorite). They had pins which sang an old song "Wear a smile and a Jantzen", gorgeously designed mugs, bags, brochures (which is where my descriptions of the suits were published), and a few other goodies. They had a video from when the brand first began. It was completely glamourous; they had Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Greta Garbo, Princess Diana, and a dozen other celebrities sporting/advertising for their premiere swim brand. After a long day, we switched location to the Miami Beach Convention Center and began setting up for the Swim Event. Restoration in progress!

Swim Week Mess

Thursday 16th of July: After a half day at work, Sam picked me up and we went to the W Hotel for a fashion show. We arrived early and ate at the restaurant and went to go to the pool for the show. The security let us in, then asked 'You're helping in the show, right?' we weren't and they told us that they wouldn't let people in until 9:00. (They obviously thought we were the models, not staff... ha). We waited in the lobby and tried again at 9 only to find out that they were letting people in from the side entrance OUTSIDE of the hotel! We went out and there was a humongous line to get in. After getting in nobody gave us a wristband even though we asked if we needed one. I had to use the bathroom so I asked one of the bouncers where it was- in the hotel. After coming back I was stopped by a security guard and asked if I had a wristband. I said I was already let in and had to use the restroom. He was like "Riggggght, I'll let you pass," as if he was doing me a favor. It was so annoying. Then another guard stopped me and asked us for the wristbands AGAIN. So we had to bring the bouncer over to prove that we had been in before. It was completely disorganized! The show started at about 11:00 and lasted for 15, 20 min? It was completely uninspiring with mediocre models.

I Had to Pass on Blue Steel

Wednesday 15th of July: For the Perry Ellis 2010 collection, I met at The Palms Hotel (Miami Beach) to set up for their Swim Show/Presentation to their marketers(? I think...). So I had to steam bathing suits- kind of pointless, put together mannequins, and set up the racks etc. It was for about 12 lines? Jantzen, Jag, Curveallure, Jantzen Classics, Heritage Collection, Speedo, and a lot of others I can't think of. Then they had these two male models come in for a run through but they were missing the two girl models so they asked me to stand in place for one of them. Haha, my 5 seconds of fame.... So I "modeled" with one of the guys. I was tempted to give my Blue Steel look, but none of my friends were there to laugh at me so I passed.